45 kW Soft Starter Price

The 45 kW soft starter price factor is important for those looking for an effective motor control solution for different industrial applications. Not only prices, but also factors such as energy efficiency and lifetime are taken into consideration when finding the right product.

45 kW soft starter price is influenced by the manufacturer’s price policies and technical details of the devices. When factors such as superior protection and control features and energy savings are taken into account, soft starters are very suitable for investment. In this way, you can reduce your business expenses in the long term and start making a profit.

45 kW Soft Starter Price Schneider

In the field of electrical and power control, soft starters operating at 45 kW are at the forefront as highly functional products. Preventing inrush currents and therefore damage to electric motors extends the life of the devices. As can be understood from this, soft starter products are used to increase energy efficiency and extend the life of motors.

Corporate or individual consumers conduct market research to find reliable and quality products. Schneider Electric is among the leaders of the sector in this field and leads this field with its innovative products. These products, which combine motor protection and control features and are also called soft starters, have advanced features.

Schneider soft starters stand out with the Altistart product family. This product group includes different models such as ATS48 or ATS22. So how much are Schneider soft starter prices? These products have competitive price advantages. Technical specifications and design details of the products affect the prices. You can contact us to get up-to-date price information and take advantage of our rich stock options.

45 kW Soft Starter Fiyat

ABB and Siemens 45 kW Soft Starter

Just like Schneider Electric, ABB and Siemens are known for their reliability in electronic equipment. Soft starters from ABB, operating at 45 kW, are characterized by optimum performance and long lifetime. They are designed for different applications, making them an attractive solution for many industries.

ABB 45 kW soft starter price has been determined very competitively, considering the superior features and long service life it offers. Siemens, a company that stands out with its innovative side in the sector, is very successful in terms of products that reduce mechanical stress. Kraftek serves as the official distributor of the following brands.

  • Siemens
    • Danfoss
    • Schneider
    • ABB
    • AuCom

In the electric motor sector, Siemens stands out with its Sirius product line. Other manufacturers such as ABB, for example, have well-known and best-selling products with the model name PSR85-600-70. Kraftek can quickly meet the demands of its customers with its high stock options.

45 kW Soft Starter Fiyat