90 kW-315 kW 3rw55 Siemens Soft Starter

90 kW-315 kW 3rw55 Siemens Soft Starter are devices used during starting and stopping of a motor. With these devices, it is possible to stabilize the electrical voltages caused by the high power demand of the motors.

90 kW-315 kW 3rw55 Siemens Soft Starter series includes different soft starters that are available for use in a wide range of motor power. These soft starters provide gradual acceleration and deceleration of the motors. This reduces stress on the motor and mechanical system. They also have functions such as overload protection, overheating protection and phase sequence protection.

3RW5536-6HA14 90 kW Soft Starter

A soft starter is basically a power electronics system. It is used by connecting to induction motors. The motor may be exposed to different electrical loads during starting and stopping and starting, which may reduce the service life of the motor or cause it to fail. By using soft starter, this risk will be eliminated.

3RW5536-6HA14 Siemens soft starter is a device developed for applications with 90 kW (AC-3) motor power. It provides safe starting and stopping of 3-phase AC motors. With its current capacity, control voltage and power capacity, it provides significant benefits in the operation of the motor by protecting its functions. Overvoltage and undervoltage protection functions ensure safe operation of the motor and the system. The product is very easy to install and integrate. Design features and interface provide ease of use.


3RW5543-6HA14 110 kW Soft Starter

Motors require a high starting current during operation. When stable operation starts, the electricity required is lower. Problems that may occur in the motor and electrical system during these transitions can be prevented with the Sirius soft starter. 3RW5543-6HA14 is a soft starter model with a power of 110 kW. It can be used efficiently for applications with motors of this power.

A soft start refers to a process in which the motor slowly reaches its rated speed. This will benefit the business that uses this product in its industrial work in many ways. Some of these are as follows;

  • Motors started via soft starter will last longer.
  • The use of soft starter prevents the motor from overheating.
  • It prevents the electrical network from being strained due to this current.
  • The use of soft starters reduces electricity costs.

3RW5544-6HA14 132 kW Soft Starter

In industrial applications where large motor systems make up a significant part of the work, motor health and safety is a very important issue. This is because maintenance and repair of motors is very costly. In addition, a possible malfunction causes loss of time and work. The use of soft starters prevents possible problems to a great extent.

3RW5544-6HA14 132 kW Soft Starter is a device designed to prevent damages that may occur during the start and termination phase of motors in this current area. Work to be done with the soft strater;

  • Reduction of mechanical stress and electrical stress,
  • Increased engine durability and less maintenance,
  • Prevention of power fluctuation at start and stop,
  • It prevents energy waste and reduces its cost.

3RW5545-6HA14 160 kW Soft Starter

The soft starter ensures the operational safety of motors that start and stop with high energy but use relatively little energy during operation. 160 kW Sirius soft starter ensures safe and long-lasting operation of motors used in industrial applications. In addition, thanks to this device, it is possible to prevent problems that may occur in the electrical network.

Siemens 3RW5545-6HA14 160 kW Soft Starter is a device designed for use in high capacity operations. Produced with Siemens quality and experience, the product produces successful results for the needs in this field.


3RW5546-6HA14 200 kW Soft Starter

Soft Starter precisely accelerates the motor and limits the current when stopping. This prevents wear of mechanical parts, optimizes energy consumption and protects against overload. Safe stopping and starting of high-power motors is possible with this device.

The device, which has features such as voltage ramp, rotational torque adjustment, combined braking, provides soft starting in accordance with difficult starting conditions. Siemens 3rw 200 kW soft starter incorporates various measures for user safety. It is also preferred among its peers for its ease of use and installation. The product also has a certificate of conformity for “working in hazardous locations”.


3RW5547-6HA14 250 kW Soft Starter

Siemens Sirius 3rw 250 kW soft starter is a device that reduces mechanical wear, optimizes energy consumption and protects the motor from overload-related problems. It is used to control three-phase alternating current motors. Thanks to its built-in protection features, overload, heating, voltage problems are prevented. Thus, it is possible to continue working safely.

The use of soft starter not only increases the durability of the motor, but also prevents material losses. The resulting current changes can damage both the electrical network and the motor. When this situation is prevented, the motor will need less maintenance and less energy will be consumed as electrical stabilization is ensured.

Siemens soft starter price range varies for different features. However, the advantages of the product will prevent financial losses in the long run. This can make the use of soft starters not only beneficial but also profitable.


3RW5548-6HA14 315 kW Soft Starter

Soft starters are devices that protect engine health and ensure safe operation. There are products designed in different capacities for different engine powers. 315 kW soft starter is one of the highest capacity of these devices. It is especially suitable for use in the operation of very high power motors such as compressors or conveyors. Voltage problems, motor wear and other problems that occur during starting and stopping will be easily prevented by this soft starter.

During industrial applications with Siemens 315 kW Soft Starter;

  • To save energy,
  • Extend equipment life,
  • It is possible to increase operational efficiency.

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