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Increase the power of your motors, improve energy efficiency, and ensure business continuity with ABB Soft Starter. Get a quote now and benefit from the advantages of ABB Soft Starter to boost your business profits

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ABB Soft Starter

ABB Soft Starter is a powerful motor control device that plays a critical role in the control of industrial motors. Sudden starting of motors with high current can cause overload and sudden shocks to mechanical equipment. This leads to wear and damage to motors and equipment, increasing maintenance costs and shortening equipment life. Starts motors by slowly accelerating them, thus preventing such overloads. As the motors slowly reach their rated speed, the system operates more efficiently and safely.

Soft Starter allows motors to start at low speeds and accelerate slowly. This feature minimises shocks and vibrations that may occur in the system. Especially in applications with large and heavy loads, the use of Soft Starter reduces stress on mechanical equipment and structures and provides safer working conditions. In addition, the slow start feature ensures safer operation of equipment requiring high torque.

Contact us to get detailed information and offer about our products.
Contact us to get detailed information and offer about our products.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important focus of industrial applications today.  Soft Starter saves energy by reducing the power consumed by motors at start-up. While motors started with high current consume high power instantaneously, using the Soft Starter keeps the starting process under control and reduces energy costs. This helps businesses achieve their energy efficiency targets and reduces operating costs.

Soft Starter is designed for easy installation and integration. Its compact design can be easily accommodated even in applications with installation space constraints. Integrated protection and monitoring features ensure the safety and stability of motors. It monitors conditions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss and overload and takes necessary protection measures. This ensures safe operation of motors and systems and provides early warning in case of failure.


What Are The ABB Soft Starter Usage Areas?


Industrial Facilities: Factories and manufacturing plants use soft starter extensively to control their motorized equipment. Pump systems, fans, conveyors, compressors and similar motorized equipment benefit greatly from Soft Starter starting, speed control and high performance operation.

Construction Industry: The construction industry prefers  Soft Starter in applications such as tower cranes, elevators, ventilation systems and water pumps. In these areas,  ensures successful completion of projects by offering reliable starts, precise control and energy efficiency.

Energy Sector: The energy sector prefers PSE Soft Starter in applications such as generators, transformer systems and energy distribution equipment. In these areas, the Soft Starter plays an important role in providing powerful motor control and energy savings.

Water and Wastewater Industry: Also widely used in the water and wastewater industry. In applications such as pumping stations, water treatment plants and drainage systems, Soft Starter supports the efficient use of water resources by providing energy efficiency, reliability and low maintenance requirements.

Mining and Quarrying: In heavy industry applications such as mining and quarries,  Soft Starter PSR is preferred for the control of large motors. In these applications, the Soft Starter enables large loads to be started safely and efficiently.

Marine and Marine Transportation:  Soft Starter PSE is used for engine control in the maritime industry, ships and marine vehicles. In these applications, the Soft Starter ensures the safe and effective operation of motorized equipment.

Wind Power Plants: Wind power plants prefer Soft Starter PSTX for control of wind turbines. Soft Starter starts turbines at low speeds and provides energy efficiency.