Discover the Key to Industrial Efficiency with ABB Motor Drives

ABB motor drives – developed to optimise the performance of industrial motors, increase energy efficiency and make production processes more controlled.

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Improve Your Business Performance with ABB Motor Drives

ABB motor drives offer breakthrough technology in the control of industrial motors. Thanks to their precise control capabilities, it is possible to adjust the speed and torque of motors with incredible accuracy, while reducing operating costs by providing energy efficiency. ABB motor drives also offer remote monitoring and control, allowing operations to be smarter and more flexible. This technology improves business continuity and offers an environmentally friendly approach. Rely on ABB motor drives to strengthen your industrial control and become more competitive.

These advantages offered by ABB motor drivers play an important role in achieving the success goals of your business. Get more by consuming less energy, improve production quality and minimize your environmental impact. Choose ABB motor drives to make a difference in your industry and secure the future of your business. Contact us now and meet the motor driver solutions specific to the needs of your business.

ABB Drives - Kraftek

Benefits of Using ABB Motor Driver

Energy Efficiency

ABB motor drives help businesses reduce energy costs by optimising the energy consumption of motors. This results in long-term savings.


Together with energy savings, ABB motor drives are an environmentally friendly option. Less energy consumption contributes to a reduced environmental impact.

Low Maintenance Cost

ABB motor drives ensure that motors wear less and require less maintenance, which improves operational continuity.

Precise Control

ABB drives allow you to precisely control the speed and torque of motors. This makes your operations more efficient and stable.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Many ABB motor drives can be monitored and controlled remotely. This allows operators to remotely diagnose problems and respond quickly.

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Application Areas of ABB Motor Drives


ABB motor drivers are used in a wide range of industries and application areas. Here are some of the common uses of motor drives:

Industrial Manufacturing: In industrial plants, motor drives improve product quality by precisely controlling the speed and torque of production lines. It also increases productivity by optimising production processes.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning): Motor drives are used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in buildings. In these systems, energy efficiency is increased by speed and torque control.

Transport and Conveyor Systems: In transport systems such as conveyor belts, elevators, escalators, motor drives optimise processes by providing high efficiency and precise control.

Pump and Fan Applications: In pump and fan applications, motor drives provide energy efficiency with speed and torque control. Ideal for saving in systems operating under variable load.

Robotic Applications: Precise motion control is achieved by using servo motor drives in robotic systems. It is preferred in areas such as CNC machines and automation systems.

Medical Technologies: In medical technologies such as hospital devices, medical imaging equipment, motor drives are used to provide precise motion control and low noise levels.

Energy Generation and Distribution: Motor drives optimise energy efficiency in pumps, fans and generators used in power generation and distribution.

Automotive Industry: In robotic systems used in automotive production, servo motor drives are preferred in a wide range of applications, from assembly lines to paint machines.

Maritime and Transport: In ship cranes, propellers and other systems used in marine transport, motor drives are used to improve efficiency and performance.


As a result, by using ABB Motor Drives, businesses can improve energy efficiency, optimise productivity and ensure business continuity. These drives can help you make your industrial automation smarter and more efficient.