Optimise Engine Performance with AuCom Motor Drive

Aucom motor drives make industrial motor control more efficient and reliable with innovative technology and superior features. We are ready to introduce you to greater energy savings and operational efficiency.

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Aucom Motor Drive

Improve the Performance of Your Business with Motor Drives

AuCom Motor Drive starts by saving businesses energy. It prevents motors from running at low loads or idle, which minimises energy waste. In this way, businesses significantly reduce energy costs while minimising environmental impact. Furthermore, saving energy not only helps to reduce costs, but also to achieve sustainability goals.

AuCom motor drive product plays a critical role in motor protection. It protects motors against overcurrent, overheating and overloads, thus extending the life of motors and reducing maintenance costs. This increases business continuity and minimises unexpected downtime. It also increases the productivity of businesses by making motors run more efficiently. Achieving less energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and increased productivity with AuCom Motor Drive increases the competitiveness of businesses.

Aucom Motor Drive

Benefits of Using Aucom Motor Drives

Energy Efficiency

AuCom Motor Drives reduce the energy costs of enterprises by optimising the energy consumption of motors. Instead of operating the motors at full capacity when needed, it prevents unnecessary energy waste by operating at variable speed.


Aucom motor drives are an environmentally friendly option. Less energy consumption contributes to a reduced environmental impact.

Low Maintenance Cost

Aucom motor drives ensure that motors wear less and require less maintenance, which improves operational continuity.

Remote Monitoring and Control

AuCom Motor Drives can be monitored and controlled remotely. This allows you to optimise operations remotely and provide fast responses.

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MVH2.0 Medium Voltage Drive (MV Motor Drive)
Features and Advantages of Aucom Motor Driver

The MVH2.0 Medium Voltage Drive (Aucom Motor Drive) ushers in a new era in industrial motor control. This initiative provides significant benefits to businesses by improving the performance and efficiency of motor drives. The features of the MVH2.0 MV Motor Drive are impressive. Firstly, thanks to the high power output and wide operating range of this model, it can be used in various motor applications. Also, thanks to its advanced thermal management system, it exhibits a high level of performance in temperature control.

One of the biggest advantages of this motor drive is its ease of use. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and intuitive controls of the Aucom MVH2.0 Motor Drive, it is possible for operators to make adjustments quickly. This prevents wasted time and increases productivity.

It is also worth noting that the MVH2.0 Model Aucom Motor Drive also performs at a high level in terms of reliability. Thanks to its advanced protection features, it can cope with situations such as overcurrent, overvoltage and overheating. This ensures longer motor life and reduces maintenance costs.

As a result, the MVH2.0 Model Aucom Motor Driver is a revolutionary product in industrial motor control. It offers significant advantages to businesses thanks to its high performance, ease of use and reliability. By examining the features and advantages of this drive, you can make your industrial motor control systems more efficient.

Aucom Motor Drive KRAFTEK

Usage Areas of AuCom Motor Drives

Aucom medium voltage motor drivers are used in a wide range of industries and applications. Here are some of the common uses of motor drives:

Pumping Systems: AuCom Motor Drives ensure efficient operation of pump systems in water and waste water installations. This allows water to be pumped more effectively and operating costs to be reduced.

Fans and Ventilation Systems: Fans and ventilation systems used in factories, warehouses, hospitals and other large facilities can be made more efficient with AuCom Motor Drives. This saves energy and helps facilities achieve better climate control.

Conveyor Systems: Conveyor systems in the logistics and manufacturing industries can be controlled quickly and precisely thanks to AuCom Motor Drives. This makes the transport of products more efficient and improves production processes.

Compressors: Compressors are used for air or gas compression in industrial applications. AuCom Motor Drives optimise the speed and efficiency of compressors, reducing energy consumption.

Elevators and Escalators: In-building transport systems can be made safer and energy-efficient with AuCom Motor Drives.

Transport Belts: Conveyor belts used in logistics facilities and the mining industry can be better controlled and maintenance costs reduced with AuCom Motor Drives.

Applications Requiring Position Control: AuCom Motor Drives can be used in robotic systems, CNC machines and other specialised applications that require position control.

Motor drives offer great advantages to businesses by providing energy efficiency, precise control and high performance in different industries and application areas.

Aucom Motor Drive KRAFTEK