Increase Efficiency and Performance with Motor Drives

Advanced motor drives are designed to optimise the performance of your electric motors and improve energy efficiency. This technology makes your business processes more efficient by precisely controlling motor speed and torque.

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With Motor Drives
Increase the Efficiency of Your Business

For modern businesses, energy efficiency and production performance have become the key to competitive advantage. This is where the power of motor drives comes into play. By precisely controlling the speed and torque of electric motors, motor drives optimise your production processes while minimising energy consumption. This makes your business more sustainable, more competitive and more profitable.

The purpose of using motor drives is to increase the productivity of businesses, reduce energy costs and achieve sustainability goals. With this technology, you can manage production processes in a more flexible and optimised way. Motor drives can be used in a wide range of applications, from industrial production to transport systems, from HVAC applications to energy management. Moreover, with data-driven analyses, you can better understand your processes and achieve efficiency gains and energy savings.

These advantages offered by motor drives play an important role in helping your business achieve its success goals. Achieve more with less energy consumption, improve production quality and minimise your environmental impact. Choose motor drives to make a difference in your industry and secure the future of your business. Contact us now and meet motor drive solutions tailored to your business needs.

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Advantages of Using Motor Drives

Energy Efficiency

Motor drives increase the efficiency of your business by optimising energy consumption.


Create a more environmentally friendly business with less energy consumption.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Thanks to precise control, it extends the life of your motors and reduces maintenance costs.

Flexible Control

Easily manage processes by adjusting the motor speed and torque as desired.

Motor Drives

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What are the Types of Motor Drives?

Different drivers have their own specific features and areas of use. These devices can be broadly divided into four main categories:

AC drivers
DC drivers
Servo drivers
Medium Voltage Motor Drives
Medium Voltage Motor Drives

AC drives are also known as frequency inverters or switchers. They are used to control the speed and torque of AC motors. They use alternating current and are often used in applications such as pumps, fans and conveyor systems.

DC drivers control the speed and torque of direct current motors. They are commonly used for electric vehicles, wind energy systems and other applications that require high performance.

These devices are used for applications that require precise motion control. This type of device is widely used in areas such as industrial automation, robotics and CNC machines. Servo drivers can continuously monitor and correct the position, speed and torque of the motor.

Medium voltage motor drives are devices used to control and regulate electric motors. These drives are generally designed to manage motors operating at voltage levels between 2.3 kV and 11 kV. Medium voltage motor drives are widely used in industrial facilities, power generation and transmission, water and wastewater treatment plants, mining, maritime, chemical industry, petrochemical, steel production, refineries and many other applications.

These drives can precisely control the speed, torque and operating parameters of the motors. As a result, it is possible to save energy, ensure that engines operate more efficiently, and support the safe and stable operation of systems. Medium voltage motor drives play an important role in industrial facilities to increase energy efficiency, ensure business continuity and extend the life of equipment.

BLDC motor drives are the ideal solution for motorized systems that require high performance and precise control in modern industrial applications. These advanced drives offer reduced friction, reduced maintenance and longer life due to the absence of mechanical parts such as brushes and commutators. BLDC motor drives provide smooth and stable operation over a wide speed range, so they easily adapt to different speed requirements.

Usage Areas of Motor Drives

Motor drives are used in a wide range of industries and application areas. Here are some of the common uses of motor drives:

Industrial Manufacturing: In industrial plants, motor drives improve product quality by precisely controlling the speed and torque of production lines. It also increases productivity by optimising production processes.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning): Motor drives are used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in buildings. In these systems, energy efficiency is increased by speed and torque control.

Transport and Conveyor Systems: In transport systems such as conveyor belts, elevators, escalators, motor drives optimise processes by providing high efficiency and precise control.

Pump and Fan Applications: In pump and fan applications, motor drives provide energy efficiency with speed and torque control. Ideal for saving in systems operating under variable load.

Robotic Applications: Precise motion control is achieved by using servo motor drives in robotic systems. It is preferred in areas such as CNC machines and automation systems.

Medical Technologies: In medical technologies such as hospital devices, medical imaging equipment, motor drives are used to provide precise motion control and low noise levels.

Energy Generation and Distribution: Motor drives optimise energy efficiency in pumps, fans and generators used in power generation and distribution.

Automotive Industry: In robotic systems used in automotive production, servo motor drives are preferred in a wide range of applications, from assembly lines to paint machines.

Maritime and Transport: In ship cranes, propellers and other systems used in maritime transport, motor drives are used to increase efficiency and performance.

Motor drives offer great advantages to businesses by providing energy efficiency, precise control and high performance in different industries and application areas.