AuCom Soft Starter

Optimize Your Engines, Get Efficiency with AuCom Soft Starter!

Power your engine control and increase energy efficiency with the AuCom Soft Starter. Take a look at the advantages of AuCom Soft Starter without missing this opportunity. Get an offer now!

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Aucom Soft Starter

AuCom Soft Starter

AuCom Soft Starter enables you to transform your engine control. This superior solution starts your engines smoothly and in a controlled manner, minimizing mechanical stress. In this way, you increase the energy efficiency while extending the life of your equipment. Internal protection mechanisms protect your motor from excessive currents, voltage fluctuations and loads, while ensuring business continuity.

AuCom Soft Starter features include intelligent start control, overload protection, motor temperature monitoring. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can customize the settings, monitor the performance and intervene when necessary.↳

This solution is ideal for optimizing your motorized systems and reducing costs in any industry. You no longer have to deal with problems such as energy loss and sudden voltage fluctuations at motor starts. Make your engine control more reliable, efficient and smooth with AuCom Soft Starter.

Aucom Soft Starter

EMX4i Advanced Soft Starter

AuCom soft starter EMX4i sets new standards for soft starter and motor starting technology. It stands out in its class with its advanced protection functions, compact size, wide power output range and control features. In addition, with the smart card module on it, it transforms from an advanced motor controller to a system controller. This is a big revolution in the soft starter market!

AuCom EMX4i allows you to easily track the data you need with its built-in screen. In addition, with the built-in USB port for data transfer, it allows you to perform your transactions quickly and practically. The system protection function is among the most crucial features of a soft starter. With these systems, you can protect your systems by eliminating any potential problems before they occur.↳

There are two different models in the EMX4 soft starter product group. One of them is the EMX4i and the other is the EMX4e model. Both models are relatively small and offer powerful control features. Adding a smart card to the EMX4 series also turns it into a system controller. Thanks to its wide stock network, Kraftek brings you the orders you want as soon as possible. You can contact us to have the EMX4i or to get up-to-date price information.

Kraftek - Soft Starter

Contact us to get detailed information and offer about our Aucom Soft Starter Products.

Contact us to get detailed information and offer about our Aucom Soft Starter Products.

Aucom Soft Starter

Energy Efficiency with Soft Starters

AuCom Soft Starter is designed to maximize the energy efficiency of your engines and to ensure continuous operation. Thanks to its soft start feature, it prevents instantaneous high current flow by starting your motors at low speeds. This saves energy by minimizing energy loss and also extends equipment life by minimizing mechanical stress.

The working logic of AuCom Soft Starter consists of starting your motors by gradually increasing the voltage instead of starting your motors instantly at full speed. This reduces energy consumption while protecting your engine under heavy load. In this way, you can increase your environmental impact while reducing your energy costs.

Energy efficiency and reliability are key priorities of the AuCom Soft Starter. If you want your industrial processes to run smoothly and reduce your energy costs, it’s time to meet AuCom Soft Starter.

What are the Usage Areas of Aucom Softstarter?

Pump Systems: Soft starts can be achieved by using the AuCom Soft Starter in pump systems for pumping water, wastewater or industrial liquids. This minimizes pressure fluctuations in the system and extends the life of the pumps.

Fan and Ventilation Systems: In applications such as ventilation and air conditioning systems, AuCom Soft Starter allows engines to start at low speeds and save energy. It also increases the durability of the equipment by reducing mechanical shocks.

Conveyor and Belt Systems: Soft starts of motors in industrial conveying and conveyor systems ensure smooth transport of products. This increases the efficiency of production processes.

Compressors: Air or gas compressors can optimize system performance by making controlled starts with the AuCom Soft Starter. It also reduces overloads and energy consumption.

Industrial Machines: The soft starts of motors in industrial machines make the machines last longer and consume less energy.

Vehicles and Marine Vehicles: The engines of vehicles and marine vehicles can also be started with the AuCom Soft Starter in a more comfortable and controlled way, and energy efficiency can be increased.

Metalworking and Mining: Large engines used in various industries can operate more safely and energy-efficiently with the AuCom Soft Starter.

The wide application range of AuCom Soft Starter ensures efficient and reliable operation of motorized systems in different industries.