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An auto insurance is a device used in electrical circuits to protect the circuit in case of overcurrent, short circuit or fault conditions. Self-operating fuses break the circuit more quickly and safely than conventional fuses and are designed to prevent damage.

What is an auto insurance? Automatic fuses use a triggering mechanism that is directly proportional to the current values in the circuit. If the current flowing through the circuit exceeds a certain value, the triggering mechanism breaks the circuit, preventing the overcurrent from continuing. Automatically functioning fuses can use magnetic, thermal or electromagnetic effects to detect current exceeding a certain value.

The magnetic effect activates the tripping mechanism using the magnetic field of the current passing through the circuit. The thermal effect uses the heating caused by the current flowing through the circuit to activate the triggering mechanism. The electromagnetic effect allows the magnetic field created by the alternating currents in the circuit to activate the triggering mechanism.

Automatic fuses are devices used to protect the circuit in case of overcurrent, short circuit or fault in electrical circuits. These devices are widely used thanks to their fast response time, high protection level and easy operation. You can contact us to meet your self-actuating fuse requirements in the most suitable way.

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Automatic type fuses protect the electrical installation and electronic devices connected to the installation against overcurrents and short circuits. These fuses are first and foremost a circuit element. Thanks to the automatic fuses, when the current passing through the circuit exceeds a certain value, the electrical connection is disconnected.

One of the most important factors to be considered when choosing a fuse is the current rating of the fuse. The nominal current value of automatic type fuses must be greater than the nominal current of the circuit planned to be protected. In addition, the breaking capacity of the fuse should be greater than the maximum short circuit current of the circuit.

The advantages of automatic fuses include fast response time, high protection level and easy operation. Automatically operated fuses break the circuit faster and safer than conventional fuses and prevent damage. Furthermore, they can provide protection without damaging circuit elements and without interrupting the operation of devices.

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Automatic products are used in many different applications. These include places such as industrial plants, homes, vehicles, ships and airplanes. A different type of fuse can be used for each application. For example, fuses used in industrial plants are designed for much higher power devices. Kraftek stands out as an experienced company in the supply and sale of automatic fuses. Your orders are prepared as soon as possible and delivered to you wherever you are in the world.

What is Type C Auto Insurance?

Self-operating fuses are classified as type B, C and D according to their opening curves. These determine the magnetic opening coefficients of the fuses against inrush current. Type B fuses are generally preferred in home lighting, sockets and control circuits. They are also known as fast type fuses.

Type C fuses are used to protect loads such as motors and transformers. It is also known as slow type fuse. Type D fuses are used for the protection of motors, welding and spot welding machines, and x-ray devices with high demurrage current.

The opening curve determines the opening characteristic of the fuse. You can choose a B, C or D type fuse according to the type of load to be used. The maximum current value that the fuse can interrupt in case of short circuit is called breaking capacity. This value indicates the maximum current value that can be interrupted.