Quality, Economical

and Sustainable Solutions

Kraftek was established in 2017 with the aim of providing high quality, economical and sustainable solutions to its customers. Our company, which has developed both its production partners and production volume since its establishment; continues its services in the country and abroad. Kraftek is able to quickly deliver the products and services of the brands it distributes to all regions where it is needed.

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Kraftek, which is the distributor of brands such as SATEC and AuCom-Benshaw that stand out with their innovative production worldwide, is the solution partner of our domestic engine manufacturer GAMAK Motor. As Kraftek, the two concepts we value most are quality and sustainability. Our company, which set out with the dream of a clean life and a sustainable world, also manufactures parts for wind turbine manufacturers. We believe in a sustainable world to look to the future with confidence. Wind turbines convert wind energy into electrical energy. Thus, the demand for the use of fossil fuels for electricity generation decreases.

A greener world means cleaner living spaces. The productions we carry out in partnership with SATEC; includes many categories such as energy analyzer, power quality analyzer, smart energy meters. Our product and project support for low, medium and high voltage softstarter (SoftStarter) services continues with AuCom-Benshaw!

Monitoring and controlling energy is extremely important, especially for industrial facilities and commercial spaces. The data obtained from the analyzers are very useful to measure the usage rates of energy sources such as electricity and natural gas, to be aware of the interruptions and to save money.

As both a manufacturer and a distributor, Kraftek responds quickly to customers’ demands with its wide stock network. ABB, Siemens and Aucom in the Soft Starter category; In the soft starter category, we work with the Schneider brand. We are the distributor of the VLT and Vacon series products of the Danfoss brand and the products in the Altivar series of SCH.

Electric motors have an important place in industry and our daily life. The selection of both these motors and motor drive equipment in a way that can be customized according to needs is extremely important in terms of efficiency. We work with AuCom, of which we are the distributor, for the supply of low and medium voltage motors.

We draw strength from our project partnership with the local manufacturer GAMAK Motor in the production of low, medium and high voltage asynchronous motors. Our Bursa-based company continues to grow and produce with its domestic and foreign partners. You can reach the equipment that will allow you to dominate the energy with Kraftek!