Powerful and Efficient Motor Control with Schneider Soft Starter

Strengthen the competitive advantage of your business with the Schneider Soft Starter product line, which increases energy efficiency, provides reliable performance and maximises operational safety. Get an offer now!

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Schneider Soft Starter

Schneider Soft Starter controls the starting current and reduces energy consumption by starting the motors slowly. This increases energy efficiency and saves your business significant energy costs. At the same time, by preventing overloads and high current pulses, it extends the life of motors and mechanical equipment and minimises maintenance costs.

Starts motors by slowly accelerating them, minimising shocks and vibrations in the system. Soft starts reduce mechanical stress and ensure safer and quieter operation of equipment. This is an important advantage, especially in industrial areas with large loads and critical applications.

Contact us to get detailed information and offer about our products.
Contact us to get detailed information and offer about our products.

Optimise Your Engines, Use Energy Efficiently

Soft Starter prevents high initial stress, resulting in less wear and tear on motors. This extends the life of the motors and reduces maintenance requirements. Reduced maintenance reduces maintenance costs while increasing operational continuity and productivity.

Schneider Altistart protects motors against overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage and other fault conditions. Integrated control features can be used to monitor the performance of motors and automatically intervene when necessary. This ensures safe and stable operation of the motors and provides early warning of sudden failures.

kW Soft Starter is easy to install and integrate thanks to its compact design and easy-to-use interface. It can be easily adapted to existing systems and can be commissioned in a short time.


What Are The Soft Starter Usage Areas?

Soft Starter is a motor control device that attracts attention in different sectors with its versatile usage areas and impressive performance. With its focus on energy efficiency and reliability, it is an ideal choice for businesses interested in:

  • Industrial Production: Soft Starter ensures safe and efficient operation of motorised equipment such as pumps, fans, conveyors and compressors used in factories. Energy savings and production efficiency increase thanks to soft starts and low energy consumption.
  • Construction Industry: In applications such as elevators and tower cranes used in high-rise buildings, Soft Starter offers reliable starts and precise speed control. This contributes to the timely and successful completion of construction projects.
  • Energy and Water Management: In areas such as power plants, water treatment plants and water pumps, Soft Starter improves energy efficiency and ensures stable and safe operation of systems.
  • Marine and Transport: Engines used in marine vessels and ships operate with safe and low-stress starts with Soft Starter. This ensures safer and more efficient transport in the maritime industry.
  • Mining and Heavy Industry: Soft Starter supports safe and efficient starting of large engines in mining and heavy industry applications. It prevents overloads and extends the life of the equipment.

Soft Starter optimises your industrial processes, increasing energy efficiency, ensuring equipment safety and strengthening the competitive advantage of your business. Making a difference with its impressive performance and reliability, Schneider Soft Starter is designed to contribute to efficiency and success in different sectors.