Boost Efficiency with Siemens Soft Starter

Siemens Soft Starter is an innovative solution designed to optimise your industrial motors and use energy efficiently. Please contact us immediately for detailed information about our products.

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siemens soft starter

Siemens Soft Starter

The powerful performance of Soft Starter allows you to start your motors smoothly and provide fast and precise control. In addition, you can keep your motors safe with integrated protection and monitoring features and get early warning in case of malfunctions.

Siemens Soft Starter also draws attention with its ease of use and compact design, so installation and integration processes are fast and practical. You can get a reliable and high-performance motor control solution by choosing Siemens Soft Starter to optimise your motors and reduce energy costs.

Contact us to get detailed information and offer about our products.
Contact us to get detailed information and offer about our products.

Optimise Your Engines, Use Energy Efficiently

Siemens Soft Starter is the right step to increase the performance and energy efficiency of your motors. With its high performance, you can start your motors smoothly and provide fast and precise control. This ensures longer life of your motors and reduces the risk of failure and damage. You can also optimise motor speed and power to save energy. This reduces the energy costs of your business and increases its sustainability.

Soft Starter offers ease of use and flexibility. Its compact design simplifies the installation process and optimises space utilisation. Integrated protection and monitoring features keep your motors safe and provide early warning in case of possible failure.

Strengthen the competitive advantage of your business with Soft Starter, a high-level solution in terms of energy efficiency, performance and safety.


3RW30 and 3RW40 Soft Starters are specifically designed for standard applications such as pump, fan and conveyor systems. These devices provide the ability to start and stop motors softly, which reduces mechanical stress and extends motor life. Furthermore, these devices reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency.

3RW50 Soft Starter is specifically designed for applications requiring high performance. This device has the ability to control motors quickly and precisely. In addition, this device has high energy efficiency and reliability.

3RW52 and 3RW55 Soft Starters are designed for high performance applications and complex industrial processes. These devices have the ability to control motors precisely and effectively. Furthermore, these devices improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Model Name3RW553RW523RW403RW30
Operational current at 40 °C (A)13 ... 98713 ... 98712.5 ... 4323 ... 106
Operational voltage (V)200 ... 690200 ... 600200 ... 600200 ... 480
Soft starting/ramp-down
Starting voltage (%)20 ... 10030 ... 10040 ... 10040 ... 100
Adjustable current limiting-
Ramp-up and ramp-down time (s)0 ... 3600 ... 200 ... 200 ... 20
Number of controlled phases3322
Maximum starting time2010103
Number of parameter sets3111
Maximum number of starts per hour (1/h)55520
Ambient temperature (°C)-25 ... +60-25 ... +60-25 ... +60-25 ... +60
Operating power for three-phase motors • At 400 V, at 40 °C
- Inline circuit kW
- Inside-delta circuit kW

5.5 ... 315
11 ... 560

5.5 ... 315
11 ... 560

5.5 ... 250

1.5 ... 55

What Are The Siemens Soft Starter Usage Areas?

Siemens Soft Starter is effectively used in various fields in industrial applications.

  • Factories and Production Facilities: Siemens Soft Starter is widely used in the control of motorised equipment. Pump systems, fans, conveyors, compressors and similar motorised equipment gain great advantages in starting, speed control and high performance operation with the Soft Starter.
  • Construction Industry: Soft Starter in applications such as tower cranes, lifts, ventilation systems and water pumps. In these areas, Soft Starter ensures the successful completion of projects by offering reliable starts, precise control and energy efficiency.
  • Energy Sector: Siemens Soft Starter is also preferred in the energy sector. In applications such as generators, transformer systems and energy distribution equipment, Soft Starter plays an important role in providing powerful motor control and energy saving.
  • Water and Wastewater Industry: Siemens Soft Starter is also widely used in the water and wastewater industry. In applications such as pumping stations, water treatment plants and drainage systems, the Soft Starter supports the efficient use of water resources by providing energy efficiency, reliability and low maintenance requirements.

These wide range of applications of Siemens Soft Starter demonstrate its strength in providing superior performance, energy efficiency and reliability in motor control. By using our product, you can increase the efficiency of your business, reduce energy costs and optimise your processes.