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Soft starters are devices designed to control the starting and rotational speed of asynchronous motors. The device, which is microprocessor-based, uses power switches known as thyristors for control. In this way, the high current that occurs when the engine is running is reduced and possible damage to the system is prevented. The device has various models that can operate efficiently at different voltage levels.

Asynchronous motors have a current drawing capacity of 4 to 8 times, depending on their power. Be used to prevent interruptions caused by this current, known as inrush current, or to prevent mechanical stresses on the motors. In this way, the mains voltage to be supplied to the motor during the start-up of the motor can be controlled and regulated.

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Contact us to get detailed information and offer about our products.

What Are The Soft Starter Usage Areas ?

It is often used in machines where torque and speed control is required, such as hammers, pumps, escalators, and elevators. There are four types of soft starters with different characteristics. Some advantages of utilizing these systems can be listed as follows:

  • Control of moment and current, along with regular variation of current, are ensured. It prevents the engine from being affected by the variability of take-off conditions. Allows control of motor downtime. These starters can work actively in many conditions, which increases the efficiency of the engine and its operations. In addition to these, different benefits will emerge depending on the technical and hardware features of the equipment to be used
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