Surge Arrester

Surge arrester is a device that protects electronic equipment against sudden voltage fluctuations. In our country, sudden fluctuations in the electricity networks can cause electronic equipment to fail in a short time. Therefore, these devices are needed for the safe use of electronic devices.

Surge arrester types provide protection of electronic devices against instantaneous voltage fluctuations. These devices automatically detect instantaneous surges and regulate the voltage on the item. Thus, the sudden breakdown of the item is prevented and its life is extended. These devices can be used in homes, offices and industrial facilities. Devices used in homes are particularly suitable for protecting large electronic equipment (refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, etc.). In offices, they are used to protect devices such as computers, printers and faxes. In industrial facilities, they protect the production lines of factories and the electronic systems of enterprises.


The devices involved are simple to use and can be easily installed by anyone. The device is connected to the part of the electronic equipment that plugs into the socket and the equipment is switched on. The device automatically detects momentary voltage fluctuations and regulates the voltage of the item. As a result, the devices protect electronic equipment against sudden voltage fluctuations. The devices, which can be used in homes, offices and industrial facilities, can be preferred by everyone with their easy use and installation. These products, which extend the life of electronic equipment, save users from costly repair work and save money in the long term.

Surge arresters have a certain lifespan. Over time, their performance may decrease as a result of overloads. For this reason, they should be checked periodically and replaced if necessary. The voltage ranges in which the surge arresters provide protection are specified in the technical documentation of the product. Features such as indicators and alarms make these devices much more useful.

What is a Surge Arrester?

Are surge arrester and lightning rod the same thing? A lightning rod is a device used to prevent damages caused by high-voltage natural disasters such as lightning. Lightning rods are placed on the roof or a high point of the building and prevent lightning from damaging the building. Surge arrester is a device that protects various electronics against sudden surges in electrical networks. This device regulates the voltage on the item by connecting to the part of the electronic goods that is plugged into the socket.

It is important to prevent the potential damage effect of high voltage waves that occur in energy transmission connections as a result of lightning strikes or physical impacts. Devices used for this purpose are also known as surge arresters and lightning arresters. When excessive voltage levels occur, lightning protectors protect devices by directing high energy to ground.

Lightning protectors are divided into different types according to where they are used and their functions. These are usually referred to by names such as Type 1, Type 2. It is important to choose the appropriate device according to the device, system or lines you want to protect among the surge arrester types.

In addition to the basic types mentioned here, telecommunication, DC and radio surge arresters are also available. Telecommunication surge arresters are generally designed for telephone lines and some types of internet connections. These devices prevent excessive voltage damage to the lines. Signal surge arresters are designed for use on specialized communication lines such as Ethernet, PS-232 or coaxial lines. DC surge arresters are used in direct current systems such as solar energy systems.