A switch is a switch device used to control electric current and is also known as an inverter in Turkish. Switches provide control of electrical circuits by performing operations such as on-off, direction change, speed adjustment. Used in electrical installations, automation systems, industrial plants and homes, inverters help to safely control electric current.


What is a switch, what does it do? These products are manufactured for different purposes, which is why they come in different types. For example, simple on-off devices are commonly used in lighting systems, fan systems and electrical appliances. Reversing products for changing direction are used in industrial plants, machinery and motor systems. Potentiometer products used in speed adjustment processes are used in frequency control systems and industrial plants. In addition, the current transformer product group, which is preferred in power control processes, is used in power control processes of electric current.

How does the switch work? The use of these products is quite common and we encounter them in many areas of our lives. For example, inverters used in lighting systems in our homes are preferred in many different areas such as products used in electrical household appliances or those used in headlight and signal systems in cars. The selection of these products should be made in accordance with the area of use and need. A quality product provides a safe electric current control and minimizes the possibility of malfunction. For a reliable electric current control, it is very important to use a quality and appropriate type of product.

Compact Switch

In addition to on-off operation, compact type products can also provide overcurrent and short circuit protection. In this way, in the event of an overcurrent or short circuit in the electrical circuit, they can react quickly and protect the circuit safely. Compact products play a very important role in terms of safety and help ensure the safe operation of the electrical circuit. Whether compact or classic, meet all your needs with Kraftek quality! You can contact us for detailed information about prices and other technical details.

Compact type inverters are products with high current capacity and compact structure, which are generally used in industrial applications. The main function of compact products is to protect electrical circuits and prevent overcurrents and short circuits on the circuit. Compact inverters can withstand high current values. For this reason, they are frequently preferred in areas with high current requirements such as industrial applications.

What is a Compact Switch?

So how do compact inverters work? It works by quickly breaking the circuit in unwanted situations such as overcurrent or short circuit. Thus, possible damages can be prevented. Some compact models require manual reset while others have an automatic reset feature. These products are frequently used in plants, energy distribution systems, factories and large commercial buildings.

Modern products are equipped with features such as remote control and monitoring. This is advantageous for energy management and integration into automation systems. In the selection of compact products, current values of the systems to be protected, usage conditions and other technical details should be taken into consideration.

Kraftek, with its expert staff and extremely rich stock network, can quickly meet many of your needs such as soft starter, surge arrester or inverter. The compact switchgear is optimized for long-lasting and safe operation. However, periodic maintenance and inspection is required to maintain this performance.