What is a Power Supply

What is a power supply? They are devices used to convert electrical energy into a form other than its current form. These devices are usually used to convert alternating current energy (AC) into direct current energy (DC). These devices can be thought of as adapters or batteries.

What is a power supply? Power supplies take energy, convert it and provide it at a specific voltage and current value at the output. They can contain transformers, diodes, capacitors and sometimes integrated circuits. Many electronic devices in use today require these sources for proper and efficient operation.

What is a Power Supply and What are its Types?

The working principle and lifespan of a device depends on the quality of the energy it receives. The power supply provides devices with stable energy at the correct voltage and current. Thus, it ensures that these devices operate smoothly and efficiently.

What does a power supply do? In today’s technological age, electronic devices and systems need constant energy. In order for this energy to be of high quality, stable and uninterrupted, the need for power supplies is also increasing. Especially in sensitive electronic devices, it is critical that the energy is stable and uninterrupted. Therefore, choosing a quality power supply guarantees long-lasting and stable operation of the devices.

What PSU means? There are many power supplies specialized for different situations and devices. Some of them can be listed as follows;

Linear Power Supplies: These are power supplies that work with old and traditional methods. They are not highly efficient and are usually larger and heavier.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply): Provides protection against power outages, ensuring that devices operate with uninterrupted energy.

Switching Power Supplies (SMPS): They are more efficient and compact. They are often preferred in electronic devices.

DC-DC Converters: Used to convert DC energy to a different DC energy level.

Batteries and accumulators: They are used as portable energy sources and allow many devices to operate independently.

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Power Supply Prices

Power supplies can be purchased at different prices depending on the features needed, equipment details, etc. The price policies of the company to be purchased, etc. will also change the cost of these products to the person. An uninterruptible power supply and a simpler adapter will differ from each other in terms of prices. It is possible to list some details that can be decisive for power supply prices as follows;

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Capacity: The maximum amount of power (in watts) that the power supply can provide usually directly affects the price. A higher capacity power supply is usually more expensive.

Efficiency: The efficiency rating of the power supply (e.g. 80 PLUS Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) can have an impact on its price. Power supplies with higher efficiency ratings can be more expensive.

Modularity: Fully modular, semi-modular or non-modular power supplies will differ in price. Modular power supplies are generally more expensive.


Brand and Model: Products from well-known and trusted brands can be more expensive as they usually have higher quality and durability.

Cooling and Noise: Fan design, fan size and overall cooling performance can affect price. Models that provide quieter and more efficient cooling may be more expensive.

Additional Features: Extra features such as protection features (over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit protection, etc.), RGB lighting, digital monitoring, etc. will affect the price.

Adjustable Power Supply

A regulated power supply is an electronic device whose output voltage and current can be adjusted according to the user’s needs. These devices, also called adjustable power supplies, are very useful when specific voltage and current values are needed for a particular application or test. Some other features of adjustable power supplies are as follows;

  • These power supplies usually come with a display showing the output voltage and current.
  • It has features that protect the device in cases such as short circuit, overload, over temperature.
  • Single, dual or triple channel models provide the ability to use more than one voltage/current.
  • Some have fixed modes to quickly select certain standard voltage values.
  • Some high-end regulated power supplies are programmable for automated test sequences.
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What is a regulated power supply and where is it used? Some of the areas where these power supplies are used are as follows;

When testing a new circuit or device,

For different voltage and current values in innovative projects,

To gain practical experience in electronics education,

DIY projects, robotics applications, etc. in hobby activities.

Portable Power Supply

These power supplies are devices that can store energy and release it over a period of time. They are battery or battery-based. Chargers, power banks and batteries belong to this group. Portable power supplies are equipped with high energy density batteries such as lithium ion or lithium polymer. These devices release the stored energy through USB ports, AC outlets or other ports.

What is a portable power supply for? These devices meet the power needs of devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. This prevents victimization in places where there is no electricity or during a power outage.

As the place of technological devices in human life has increased, the demand for these products has also increased. However, the capacities and other hardware features of the devices are also improving day by day. There are many models with different capacities and features working for this purpose.