What Is Soft Starter?

What is soft starter? Soft starter, which means soft starter, is used to prevent damage to motors and to increase energy efficiency. Brands such as Schneider and ABB stand out with their worldwide productions in this field.

What does what is soft starter mean? Electric motor options can fail at regular intervals due to their structure. Elimination of malfunctions that may occur in electrical installations or motors is important for the work to continue as expected. Related systems are widely used for many commercial and industrial applications. Sudden starts cause various problems in engine systems. To avoid this situation, a soft start is required. Soft starters, known as soft starters, have exactly this function.

What is Soft Starter, How Does It Work?

What does soft starter mean? It is known that motors generally work by drawing a high current in the starting phase. As a result, some problems such as increased electrical stress may occur. What is soft starter starting? Devices called soft starters, which are soft starters in Turkish, control the current during the acceleration phase of the motor. Thus, the possibility of voltage drop is reduced and the devices connected to the network are ensured to work as expected.

What is the soft start feature? This feature allows engines to have a soft start, as we mentioned earlier. The control of electrically powered motors is a very important issue for industrial facilities today. Issues such as the functioning of the devices connected to the electrical network as expected and controlling the power consumption are important for the continuity of the business. The aforementioned controls can be provided thanks to the soft starter connection.


What is Engine Starter?

Electric motors have certain components and work according to a principle. Therefore, due to their structure, they may malfunction from time to time. Detection of possible malfunctions before they hinder the work has the potential to ensure that the measures are taken in a timely manner. For this purpose, soft starter products are increasingly used.

The soft starter is a product released by manufacturers such as ABB, AuCom and Siemens. The soft starter price issue is frequently explored by potential customers. Prices may be affected by the pricing policies of the manufacturer, the technical details of the device and the power capacity of the device.

How does the engine soft starter work? Asynchronous motors can draw between four and eight times their average operating current when starting up. This is called inrush current. In networks where the aforementioned current is weak; Negative conditions such as voltage drops and interruptions can be observed. Thanks to soft starters, such problems can be avoided. The softstarter controls the mains voltage at a value between 30% and 100% as the motor starts.

In Which Engines Is Soft Starter Used?

Soft starter products are used successfully in many engine types. The main ones are listed as pump motors, AC motors, fan and conveyor motors. The use of a softstarter brings many benefits. For example, these products reduce the risk of voltage drops. Efficiency increases and operating costs are reduced due to flow control. Motor acceleration is controlled and overload is prevented.

Thanks to products with high performance advantages, you can reduce your operating costs while increasing your energy efficiency. Working with the best in the world, Kraftek has a rich stock variety. You can contact us for more information about Abb soft starter or Simens soft starter prices. Kraftek offers soft starter products of all brands listed below to our country market.

  • AuCom
  • Siemens
  • Schnedier
  • ABB
  • Danfoss