AuCom Soft Starter solutions can effectively solve problems that may occur in electrical installations or motors. Soft starter products are also called soft start. These devices are activated before potential failures occur and protect your devices.

AuCom Soft Starter prices; It may differ depending on the capacity of the device, the technical detail differences between the models, the supply and transportation process. AuCom, one of the world’s leading companies, produces extremely high quality products. Thanks to soft starters, the life of electric motors is extended and they continue to work efficiently. As one of the most successful companies in spare parts and after-sales support, AuCom also offers cost-effective solutions and has high customer satisfaction rates.

EMX4i Advanced Soft Starter

The AuCom soft starter EMX4i sets new standards for soft starter and motor starting technology. It stands out in its class with its advanced protection functions, compact size, wide power output range and control features. It also transforms from an advanced engine controller to a system controller with the smart card module on it. This is a big revolution in the soft starter market!

AuCom EMX4i allows you to easily track the data you need with its built-in display. In addition, with the built-in USB port for data transfer, it allows you to perform your transactions quickly and practically. The system protection function is among the most crucial features of a soft starter. With these systems, you can protect your systems by eliminating any potential problems before they occur.


There are two different models in the EMX4 softstarter product group. One of them is the EMX4i and the other is the EMX4e model. Both models are relatively small and offer powerful control features. Adding a smart card to the EMX4 series also turns it into a system controller. Thanks to its wide stock network, Kraftek brings you the orders you want as soon as possible. You can contact us to have the EMX4i or to get up-to-date price information.


MVE Medium Voltage Soft Starter

Acting as medium voltage (voltage) soft starters, MVE series devices not only protect electric motors… These devices also offer innovative features to make your life easier. It gives you various feedback messages so you don’t have to search for the meaning of error codes.

Guarantee the safety of your electrical installation with MVE products. Aucom Elektronics offers solutions suitable for industry needs with different soft starter models it has developed. So what components do MVE soft starter products consist of? These components include pump, centrifuge, compressor, cooler, fan, conveyor, purifier, bearing and spring impeller.

AuCom’s innovative and compact MVE soft starter products produce in accordance with international standards, especially GB3906 and IEC 60071-1. You can find detailed information by contacting us or by reading the “AuCom Soft Starter Catalogue”.

AuCom Soft Starter Manuel

A soft start can prevent many problems. The advantages of softstarters include current limiting, high level of control, starting and various protection features. You can find detailed information and product images about AuCom’s softstarters via the user manual. At the same time, you can find technical specification details about the product models on the AuCom web page. So what features do AuCom devices have?

AuCom also ensures the protection of devices connected to the electrical installation, especially electric motors such as the ABB soft starter. Features such as the early detection, prevention and recording of possible faults are the gold standard features in softstarter devices. Different amperage and voltage values are the main differences that can distinguish these products from each other. At the same time, device sizes and working capacities make the devices different from each other.


AuCom Soft Starter Devices

Soft starter devices work by balancing the output of the motor, ensuring an even load distribution across all phases. Many models of AuCom have a digital display for checking settings and displaying notifications. A USB connection is also built into most models, allowing communication with a computer and data transfer.

A soft starter protects the motor by detecting unwanted conditions such as overload, overheating, short circuit and phase loss. By adjusting when the motor reaches full power, fast and uncontrolled starts can be avoided. This is where soft starter products come into play. Soft starters are recommended to reduce mechanical stress and prolong engine life. Reach the world’s most effective soft starters in cooperation with AuCom and Kraftek!