Aucom EMX4i 11 kW Soft Starter

Referans No: EMX4i-0024B-511

Katalog No: EMX4i-0024B-V5-C1-H

Key Features and Benefits

EMX4i series soft starters are functional devices that can be parameterized quickly thanks to the advanced control card and display, while working smoothly in the most challenging conditions thanks to the components they use.

If you have an EMX4 series device, you need 30 seconds to introduce your electric motor to the device. The macros in the device contain ready-made parameters for many applications and greatly facilitate the work of the technical personnel who will commission the product and enable the engine to operate in a safer area.

The soft starter is not just a starting device. In other words, soft starters continuously monitor the energy drawn by the motor from the mains while the motor is running. In a possible problem, it cuts the energy of the motor and protects the motor from electrical damages.

In summary, a soft starter is a fuse that moves the engine under appropriate conditions, stops the engine safely when the process is finished, and protects your engine continuously.

When you use Aucom EMX4i series devices, you can benefit from all these features smoothly and safely.

  • Multiple Motor Start
  • Starting with Constant Current/Current ramp
  • Adaptive start/stop
  • Kickstart with High Current
  • Free stop and Voltage ramp stop
  • Stop with DC brake (DC brake)
  • Soft stop
  • Forward and Backward Jog (Jog forward and reverse)
  • Delta connection, 6 Wire connection (Inside delta control)
  • Error ignoring (Soft trip)
  • Pump clean
  • Working in reverse (Reversing mode)
  • Motor thermistor protection (Motor thermistor)
  • Current imbalance protection (Current imbalance)
  • Low current/High current protection
  • Undervoltage/Overvoltage protection
  • Low power / High power protection
  • Dry pump protection
  • Phase sequence protection
  • Phase loss protection
  • Power loss protection
  • Failsafe Relay
  • Shunt trip relay
  • Multilingual graphic display
  • I/O and communication cards
  • USB connection and data recording
  • Voltage measuring
  • Programmable analog output
  • Emergency run
  • PowerThrough feature (SCR fail PowerThrough operation)
  • Daily programming
  • Fast engine simulation simulator (Run simulation)
  • Modbus RTU
  • Profibus
  • DeviceNet
  • Modbus TCP
  • ProfiNET
  • Ethernet IP
  • Smart Card for Pump (Pumping Smart Card)
  • Remote HMI Display


  • Separator Machines
  • Chopper Machines
  • Compressor ( Screw, Spindle )
  • Conveyor (Vertical, Horizontal)
  • Crusher (Jaw, Conical, Rotary, Primary)
  • Fan (Axial, Centrifugal, High Pressure)
  • Mill (National, Hammer)
  • Pump (Submersible, Hydraulic, Well)
  • Saw
  • Shredder Machines

Documentation and Resources

Approvals and Standards

  • CCC
  • CE
  • C-UL
  • UL
  • Lloyds
  • ABS
  • RCM

Introduction video

Product features

Akım24 A
Gerilim200-525 VAC
Güç11 kW
Frekans45-66 Hz

Ürün Varyasyonları

Referans NoAkımGerilimGüçBypassFrekans
EMX4i-1230B-5111230 A200-525 VAC600 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-1070B-5111070 A200-525 VAC500 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0940B-511940 A200-525 VAC400 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0835B-511835 A200-525 VAC355 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0580B-511580 A200-525 VAC315 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0550B-511550 A200-525 VAC300 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0410B-511410 A200-525 VAC220 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0397B-511397 A200-525 VAC185 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0352B-511352 A200-525 VAC160 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0250B-511250 A200-525 VAC132 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0229B-511229 A200-525 VAC110 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0200B-511200 A200-525 VAC90 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0184B-511184 A200-525 VAC75 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0135B-511135 A200-525 VAC60 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0115B-511115 A200-525 VAC55 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0105B-511105 A200-525 VAC45 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0069B-51169 A200-525 VAC37 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0064B-51164 A200-525 VAC30 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0052B-51152 A200-525 VAC22 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0042B-51142 A200-525 VAC18,5 kWDahil45-66 Hz
EMX4i-0024B-51124 A200-525 VAC11 kWDahil45-66 Hz