Schneider soft starter products are specially designed to ensure safe and efficient starting of electric motors. Schneider, one of the world’s leading soft starter manufacturers, produces models that stand out with built-in protection, easy installation and intelligent control features.

When the Schneider soft starter price list is examined, it is noticeable that there are differences between the models in terms of cost and technical details. Soft starter devices are also called soft starters and are mostly preferred for industrial applications. Schneider models are just for you to ensure safe operation of electric motors with a soft start! Moreover, with the privileges offered by Kraftek’s wide stock network…

Altistart 22 (ATS22)

What is a soft starter? They are products used to protect electrical installations and motors in businesses, industrial facilities or in many areas where they are needed. Thanks to soft starters, the devices connected to the mains are guaranteed to operate at high efficiency values. In addition, possible malfunctions are detected in advance and damage to the devices is prevented.

Individual or corporate users successfully use the Altistart 22 product family to eliminate potential problems before they occur or to increase energy efficiency. Numerous models in this product group can practically meet your requirements, regardless of the capacity your business needs.

The models in the product family, also known by the abbreviation ATS22, have various code names. For example, the product named ats22d17q operates at 7.5 kW and operates at a factory-set current of 14.8 A. The ATS22D32Q model operates at 15 kW. To save energy and repair costs, you can choose ATS 22 from Schneider.


Altistart 48 (ATS48)

The Schneider Altistart 48 is highly functional with components such as circuit breaker, line contactor and remote display terminal. A soft starter also has components such as ground wire, external bypass and motor cable. The ATS48 remote terminal includes a soft starter for induction motor and various control accessories.

The ATS48 product family has various soft starter models that can handle from 4 kW to 1200 kW. The products are used for torque control, soft starting and stopping of motors. The devices work as a controller with 6 thyristors. Motors are critical devices and consume on average 60% of electrical energy in industrial plants.

To ensure that your motors meet the criteria of high safety, high performance, advanced management and energy efficiency, you can benefit from the ATS48 product family. The advantages of using ATS48 can be summarized as follows;

  • schneider-soft-starter
    Mechanical stress is reduced.
  • schneider-soft-starter
    Improved user experience.
  • schneider-soft-starter
    Easy installation.
  • schneider-soft-starter
    It has a torque control system.
  • schneider-soft-starter
    Protected against current surges.

Altistart 480 (ATS480)

Better protection of your electronic devices is possible with applications such as low cost, flexibility and built-in cyber security! You can choose the models in the ATS480 product family for the long life of your equipment and the successful preservation of your investments.

Schneider Electric is a soft starter manufacturer offering high performance and long service life. Thanks to Altistart, electric motors do not initially draw high current. Thus, the risk of damage to the electrical systems and the motor is significantly reduced.

Over current
Phase loss

You can take advantage of the cost-effective Altistart 480 models against unwanted situations that we can list. So how much are soft starter prices? Soft starter price can be affected by several different parameters. The pricing policies of the manufacturer company, the model and technical details of the device affect the prices. You can contact us to get up-to-date and detailed information about prices and feature information.


Altistart 01 (ATS01)

Schneider ATS01 product family models offer cost-effective options for simple machines from 0.37 to 15 kW. For example, the model with the code name ats01n222qn is among Schneider 11 kw soft starter products. This 3-phase model has an IcL starter rating of 22 A. It also has additional features such as built-in bypass and IP20 protection level.

You can access documents such as Altistart 01 user manual and ATS01 Schneider soft starter connection diagram from Schneider ATS01 product page. The devices in the ATS01 product family have an 18-month warranty period. The devices are designed to control motors in a wide power range. Models that support various communication protocols and can work in harmony with automation systems ensure high efficiency. The following fields of activity are the main areas where soft starters are used.

  • Industrial plants
  • Energy sector
  • Waste water treatment systems
  • Mining
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Automotive sector